Become a True Music Influencer! - at

Features for the influencer
  • Free to sign up and receive or give away shares of a song.
  • Awesome on sharing/linking and building followers for playlists? – FanRaizd enables Fans to own shares of a song and receive the royalty for supporting artists on all of the worlds music services.
  • Promote your songs on social platforms and see the increase in earnings.
  • No lead times - when you receive a share of song you start earning directly.
  • Start building your own real Digital Music Share Collection from artists you genuinely are passionate about.
  • Do you have the ear to find the next great sound? Make your Collection raise your music status and cred by reaching different streaming levels.
  • More money! FanRaizd is the first service in the world to have online real-time streaming challenges – Make your song most streamed and share the cash prizes with your fans. 
  • Get FanRaizd's recognition and very own certification for taking your songs to higher streaming levels - Yes - You will get your Digital Double Platinum added to your collection! 

For artists/bands
  • Make your music available on Music Services like Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer and many more...
  • WANT TO FIND FANS ? Give away or sell shares of your song to find, connect, build and engage your fanbase to listen and share your music.
  • €4/month LIMITED OFFER NOW! €2/month for UNLIMITED artists and uploads of albums, Singles, EPs. UPC and ISRC codes included!.
  • Fast and Easy releases, start spreading your music the next day !
  • Royalty pay out every month, no threshold. PayPal account is required to deposit/withdraw money..

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