TP-Link AC 1200 loses connection on 2.4 GHz

TP-link drops connection on 2.4 GHz

I had a problem with my router losing the connection all the time.

Software: Archer C5
Model: TP LINK AC 1200
Frimware: updated to latest (made no difference)

5 Ghz workec fine, but the 2.4 band seemed disturbed by something. 
Lost connection very often, sometimes just after a couple of minutes
I tried to change channel (3,6,11) etc, read all about that, even the width 20 / 40 MHz, but nothing helped.

Change the 2.4 GHz setting to only use b/g, not the full b/g/n, becuase it seems that the "n" interferes with the 5Ghz band!

After I changed that, it works perfectly well :-)

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